Coventry Hearsall Golf Club

Warwickshire Schools Championship

Tuesday 28th March 2023, White & Red Tees, Hearsall Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st William Hardy(40)  Maxstoke Park67
2nd Luke Jones(31)  Moor Hall Golf Club68
3rd Lennon O'Neill-Knibbs(1) 68
4th Noel Pagett(37)  Maxstoke Park69
5th Jack Hewitson(8)  Copt Heath Golf Club71
6th Maisie Halstead(8)  Kenilworth Golf Club71
7th Bobby Brittan(13)  Moor Hall Golf Club71
8th Ben Jones(37)  Moor Hall Golf Club72
9th Sam McCann(21)  Stonebridge Golf Centre72
10th Theo Clegg(16)  Stratford-on-Avon72
11th Sebastian Hemmings(29)  Olton Golf Club72
12th Isaac Fisher(30)  The Warwickshire72
13th Joseph Williams(7)  Moor Hall Golf Club73
14th Joshua Gardner(-1)  Coventry Golf Club73
15th Logan Sutton(26)  Ladbrook Park Golf Club74
16th Jake Frearson(11)  Nuneaton Golf Club74
17th Jessica Davies(15)  The Warwickshire74
18th Harry Wheeler(26)  Moor Hall Golf Club74
19th Jason Green(32)  Moor Hall Golf Club74
20th Ben Storer(5)  Moor Hall Golf Club74
21st William Stead(21)  Moor Hall Golf Club75
22nd Freddy Montgomery(5)  Moor Hall Golf Club75
23rd Kamraan Arastu(10)  Copt Heath Golf Club75
24th Alfie Mitchell(3)  Nuneaton Golf Club76
25th Charlie England(12)  Coventry Golf Club76
26th William Felton(30)  Aston Wood Golf Club76
27th Martin Williams(18)  Ladbrook Park Golf Club76
28th Charlie Rowledge(4)  Shirley77
29th Chanon James(-1) 77
30th Dominic Mason(2)  Robin Hood Golf Club78
31st Serafima Taylor(7)  Sutton Coldfield78
32nd Jacob Delicate(21)  Pype Hayes79
33rd Sam Storer(13)  Moor Hall Golf Club79
34th Alfie Smith(8) 79
35th Harry Paterson(23)  Shirley79
36th Arianna Virik(4) 79
37th Oliver Ansell(19)  Redditch Golf Club79
38th Oscar Gill(15)  Fulford Heath Golf Club79
39th Erin Thompson(37)  Copt Heath Golf Club80
40th Harper Reay(25)  Atherstone Golf Club80
41st Anthony Bridgeman(15) 80
42nd Georgina Porter-Worrall(48)  The Warwickshire80
43rd Freddie Sansome(36)  Moor Hall Golf Club81
44th Samuel Tooth(20)  Moor Hall Golf Club81
45th Lilli Nicholls(27)  Coventry Golf Club81
46th Sophie Goonewardane- Brown(18)  The Warwickshire82
47th Grace Walkden(41)  Stonebridge Golf Centre83
48th Charles Frank(10)  Edgbaston Golf Club84
49th Isabelle Toon(42)  Stonebridge Golf Centre85
50th Gabriel Westrope(8)  Coventry Golf Club86
51st Annie Silvers(26)  Stratford-on-Avon87
52nd Danny Cridge(22)  Maxstoke Park88
53rd Timothy Wright(16)  Ladbrook Park Golf Club89
54th Monty Fincher(9)  Stratford-on-Avon90
55th Harry Davies(20)  Ladbrook Park Golf Club91
56th Lauren Clarke(33)  Ladbrook Park Golf Club91
57th Jimmy Murray(15)  Stonebridge Golf Centre92
58th Eyaan Hussain(16)  Copt Heath Golf Club94
59th Fintan Bullock(20)  Edgbaston Golf Club95
60th Rowan Harrison(23)  Copt Heath Golf Club100
61st Oliver Bartlett(14)  Copt Heath Golf Club104
62nd Luke Montgomery(13)  Moor Hall Golf ClubNR

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