Nothing  herald’s the arrival of Summer more convincingly than the birds waking you early with their crystal clear songs. Apart from, that is, at Hearsall Golf Club on a hot sunny morning where the bird song was surpassed by one of our ladies rejoicing from the third green “I’VE LEFT MY VEST OFF!”  So it was declared that Summer was officially with us. Or was it? A deluge followed two weeks later where only five brave ladies got out on the course before the competition was abandoned. A certain lady known for her stunning outfits, brought back to me vivid memories of my brother’s action man in his scuba diving kit…. Skin tight and bright orange. While another lady was spotted back at the clubhouse hosing herself down in full waterproofs… clearly going for the total wet look!

And so to the golf.

Jennie and I have bowed out of the Daily Mail Foursomes losing narrowly to Kenilworth.

The league team had a very pleasing win against Atherstone at home 4-3. We lost our 9 hole match against Leamington and County 1-3 and similarly in the friendly match against Maxstoke we lost 1-3.

Everyone is keeping up to date with the club knockout matches which is admirable.

Sarah Boden and Jane Murphy have both played for the Warwickshire 2nd team recently.

Against the County Vets on 23rd April at The  Warwickshire, they were both victorious and the 2nd team beat the vets overall.

Sarah also played against Northamptonshire at Northampton Golf Club on that terrible Wednesday when we abandoned our competition. They had awful weather too, but battled on eventually losing 8-1.

Hopefully you are now aware that a few competition dates have been jiggled around to accommodate the abandoned Jubilee Cup Round 1. The details are on the noticeboard and on the desk. Also the Ladies v Seniors( Hobos) match has been rearranged for Friday 28th July. Please sign up if you wish to play.

On the course the four goslings are all doing well and I believe some moorhen chicks have been spotted. So far no ducklings. The irrigation system is still undergoing some final tweaking including the installation of a fountain in the pond on the 11th. The rhododendron bushes have benefitted massively from the recent heavy rain and are providing splashes of colour around the course. A new, very smart, wooden course board has arrived and will be erected near the first tee shortly.

In the Clubhouse

Did you get to try the tapas……if not you missed a treat, so if it comes back again just go for it. The live blues and tapas night on the last Friday in May was a delightful evening. The weather was perfect, the terrace was filled with members and guests alike enjoying jugs of Pimms and the delicious tapas menu while they enjoyed the view across the course and the eye catching planters that Janice and I have filled with a selection of plants paid for by the club. I can’t tell you what fun it is to go to a garden centre and spend other people’s money! We need to thank Phil Burke for buying us the four beautiful hanging baskets. Many thanks also to Dave Acteson who gave up his time to put them up for us and helped with the planters. The watering of the plants has been allocated to the bar staff each day but if you happen to notice they are in need of attention (the plants that is not the bar staff) please grab the watering can and feel free. Look out for future social events.

Away score recording.

May I remind you ladies, it is your individual responsibility to record all non qualifying away scores on the sheet in the locker room above the desk. This includes all singles, 4BBB and Am-Ams with the exception of Texas scrambles, foursomes and greensomes. Failure to do so could result in suspension by the County Golf Union. It may sound a bit heavy handed but it has been brought in by CONGU to try to stop players who are playing off artificial handicaps  and winning lots of competitions. We do not stand accused, but in Lancashire two players have already  had their handicaps suspended for two years for exactly that reason.

Health and Happiness News

It was good to catch up with Paul Stacey and hear how Bev is doing. Their daughter got married recently which was a beautiful day enjoyed by all. Bev is making great progress and is hoping to get up to the club fairly soon. If you’ve ever been away from the club for a while for whatever reason coming back is always a big step as many of you will know.

In other news our Competitions Secretary has just had a significant birthday which was celebrated at the club. A few of us, initiated by Lesley and led in fine voice by Elaine Kendall attempted to sing Land of Our Fathers to her in Welsh in front of all the guests including her Welsh speaking relatives. It may have looked impromptu, but in reality we had rehearsed in the locker room with a jug of Pimms the night before and the words were written phonetically. We got away with it,

I  don’t think anyone could even tell we weren’t fluent in the language …haha!

A little look at a rule.

If you are ON the green and it is beginning to flood you can take relief to the nearest point which gives you a clear run at the hole without going through the water. If you are OFF the green and have water lying between your ball and the pin you CAN NOT get relief. Water on the green CAN NOT be swept away in the same way that you would sweep away sand or leaves. It does not count as a loose impediment. Hopefully you won’t need to apply this rule too often.

And finally

….I took a trip to the doctors recently, a rare occurrence for me. A  young lady walked in shortly after me, sat  down opposite and immediately got out her phone to check her appearance pouting lips, flicking hair around ears and smoothing eyebrows.? I was feeling awful and couldn’t even sit up straight, but as I mused  how vain youngsters are today, a slight smile crept across my face which unfortunately she spotted. I instantly dropped my gaze to the floor where to my utter horror I realised I was wearing one brown boot and one black!!  So what must she have been thinking about me.

“Poor old soul, she really should take more care with her appearance. I won’t be letting myself go like that when I’m her age”.

I was called in before her, so had to walk past her. I stood up, held my head ever so high, gave off an air of total confidence and I was off. But what happens when you’re wearing odd shoes……you  trip up! She certainly had the last laugh. Maybe she thought I had a drink problem too! And that was your Lady Captain let out in public!

Happy Swinging,

Chris X