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Course FAQ’s

Coventry Hearsall Golf Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward-thinking dress policy, commensurate with a modern day golf club. It has become apparent though that both members and visitors alike are failing to adhere to the dress code rules both on the course and in the clubhouse.

New disciplinary approach to those continually breaking the dress and etiquette rules.

It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards of casual but smart dress in keeping with golfing traditions and as such the board and management committee have agreed that rather than club officials approaching members and their guests as they have done in the past and risking confrontation, the member will be reported to the management committee via email after which they will be contacted and asked to explain why they or their guest(s) were breaking the dress and or etiquette rules of the club.

If they persist in breaking these rules they will be invited to meet with the management committee and could face disciplinary action.

This new approach should limit the number of potentially threatening situations in the clubhouse, on the patio and out on the course

Golfers at Coventry Hearsall Golf Club are therefore made aware that the following are required standards that must be adhered to both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

Can I wear what I like in the clubhouse?

As before we are fairly relaxed, but we do have a dress policy. In the old days a requirement was to change into a suit and tie to use the clubhouse, but these days it’s usually OK to stay in your golf gear when going into the clubhouse for a drink after the round.

That does not mean to say that you can wear your soft spiked golf shoes into the bar or lounge area, although CLEAN dimpled sole shoes are acceptable in the bar.

Can I get changed in the Car Park?

The clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the car park is not permitted.

Men’s Dress Code

Acceptable On the Course
Dress Code Acceptable Golf wear specifically designed for the purpose of playing golf including…

  • *Golf shirts with sleeves and collars
  • *Roll necks or new style crew necks
  • Tailored shorts  (with belt hoops and a fly)
  • Long tailored trousers
  • If you are wearing shorts your socks should be
    predominantly white sport socks
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles
  • Head wear as it is designed to be worn

*All shirts must be tucked in while on the course.

Unacceptable On the Course
Mens Dress Code Unacceptable
  • Football shirts, T-Shirts or tracksuits
  • Shirts pulled outside of trousers or shorts (untucked)
  • Sports, beach, cargo, shorts
  • Blue denim, cargo or tracksuit trousers
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Shorts with coloured socks
  • Non golf shoes or trainers
  • Headwear not as it was designed to be worn
Acceptable In the Clubhouse 
Mens Dress Code Acceptable Clubhouse
  • Recognised golf or smart casual wear.
  • Tailored shorts  with a belt hoop and a fly may be worn.
  • Shoes / Trainers / Deck Shoes may be worn without socks.
  • Leather sandals
  • Smart jeans
  • T-Shirt with a collar tucked or untucked
Unacceptable In the Clubhouse
Mens Dress Code Unacceptable Clubhouse
  • Waterproof Jackets
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Caps, Hats
  • Sports, beach, cargo, shorts
  • Cargo or tracksuit trousers
  • Plastic or Rubber flip flops/sandals
  • Shorts with coloured socks
  • Non dimpled golf shoes
  • T-shirts without collars

Ladies Dress Code

Acceptable On the Course
Acceptable Ladies Dress Code Golf wear specifically designed for the purpose of playing golf including…

  • *Shirts must have a collar. This can be an ordinary collar, turtle neck, mandarin or roll neck. No other neckline is permissible.
  • Sleeveless shirts are permissible but shoulders must be covered
  • Trousers, Skirts, Skorts, Cropped trousers and Shorts which must be tailored
  • If you are wearing shorts, skorts or skirts  your socks should be
    predominantly white sport socks
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles
  • Head wear as it is designed to be worn

*Shirts should be tucked in unless they are designed to be worn outside of a garment’s waist band (ribbed welt or side vents).

Unacceptable On the Course
Ladies Dress Code Unaceptable
  • Football shirts, T-Shirts or tracksuits
  • Sports, beach, cargo, shorts
  • Blue denim, cargo or tracksuit trousers
  • Trousers tucked into socks or rolled up
  • Non Golf shoes ( e.g. Trainers, street shoes, sandals)
  • Headwear not as it was designed to be worn

You can take a free drop, nearest point of relief no nearer the hole but you can also play from there if you wish to unless it is Compulsory Ground Under Repair (GUR).

The ladies play off the red tees. The men play off the yellow tees unless you have a handicap of 5 and below (Category 1) in which case you can play off the white tees if you wish. All the playing group must play off the same tee. If a player in the group is not a Category 1 golfer you must all go off the yellow tees.

They define the boundary of the course and your ball is deemed out of bounds if it is on the line between white posts or past them. If a ball is out of bounds, the player must play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.

The answer is no but you can remove a stone. Local rules are on the back of the score card.

Yes we have two available that can be booked with our Professional Mike Tarn. To hire a buggy costs £12 for members and £20 for visitors. They can only be booked up to 3 days in advance for members.

Yes any member can bring guests. Only a maximum of 3 guests can be signed in at once.

No but we do have a practice area over on the 11th fairway. A maximum of 20 balls may be hit down the left hand side of the 11th fairway from within the four white posts.

House FAQ’s

We have different summer and winter opening hours. Please follow the link to see our latest hours.

No but we do ask parents to be careful and make sure children stay off the putting green and course due to health and safety reasons.

Yes the clubhouse all on one level and the patio is easily accessible.

Yes on the patio only and must be on a lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed on the course or in the club house.  (Except guide dogs)

No, tabs are not permitted.

Yes but please sign them into our visitors book which is available from the bar.

Yes, there is no room hire charge for members. Please contact the office to book.

You can top your card up at the bar with either cash or debit card (Credit Card 2% charge). You can use your card to purchase food and beverages. Your card will automatically give you 10% off your beverages.

Competition’s FAQ’s

Male competitions – on Friday two weeks prior to the competition a member of the Competitions Committee will be in the bar from 6.30pm. You can attain a numbered card from 6.30pm The sheet will be open from 7pm where the numbers will be called out in numerical order. When your number is called you may go up and put a maximum of three names down. They can be all in one group or spread over different times. You may collect another number then and go to the back of the queue. Once everyone has put their names up, the sheet will go into the changing rooms and will be left there until the Thursday before the competition.  The sheet will then be available from the Pro Shop.

Ladies competitions – The competition sheet is available in the locker room on the clip board two weeks in advance. You can sign up individually or play in a 3 ball. The cost is £3 for a board competition and £2 for a stableford or medal.

You will be banned from two competitions. These competitions will decided by the Competitions Committee but will not be the two immediate competitions following your no show.

Our old course record is 62 held by Liam Mallin. A new course record is 64 held Rhys Lawrence.

Ladies course record is 66 held by Simone Morgan.

Misc FAQ’s

These can be booked through the office.

Contact the office and add your name to the waiting list.

You can book a lesson with Mike our professional direct. They are £30 per hour and £17.50 for half an hour.

Ladies group lessons are available, please contact Mike for more information.

Junior group lessons are available, they’re held every Sunday 3-4pm.