Hi Ladies,

It is virtually impossible in this country to avoid Christmas I realised. Every time you turn on the TV, radio or any other media, Christmas has been smacking us in the face since the end of November. Let me explain. I had a mini MOT before Christmas. Three appointments, hair, dentists and breast screening. Well, nothing unusual in a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine while skimming through the festive magazines waiting for my highlights to take, but why in the dentist waiting room do they have baubles dangling from pieces of slightly fluffy dental floss…I wonder if it was being reused! And so onto the breast screening unit, surely nothing festive there..but yes a few bits of tinsel and bit of a tree. I wondered if I should have sprinkled my own pair in glitter before flopping them unceremoniously onto the meat slicer-cum-trouserpress contraption and singing a few lines of Ding Dong Merrily on High. So my heart goes out to anyone who for whatever reason really wanted to avoid the blitz on our senses that was Christmas!

Our thoughts are with Connie Atkins who has looked after Colin at home this Christmas, and Bev Stacey who had a very quiet Christmas avoiding contact with anyone due to the risk of infection, but is looking forward to her daughter’s wedding in April. Congratulations to Grannie Coppock. Jennie’s daughter Suzie gave birth to a baby girl Aphra Rose on 23rd December. Granny, daughter and grandaughter are all doing well.

A big thank you to everyone for your support at the Christmas scramble. The weather was personally arranged by yours truly. Photos at the end of this newsletter. What a superb display of cakes we had to sell. Thanks to Karen for her amazing Christmas cake which was 2nd prize in the Hamper raffle. The sugar craftwork was literally the icing on the cake and certainly boosted ticket sales. I told so many people I didn’t realise the poinsettia etc. were artificial until I thought I’d nudged a bit in transit and tried to rearrange it. The cakes, pickles and crafts stalls were a great success. Over £400 was raised on the stalls, gold pot and raffles on the day. The hamper raffle raised in total over £900. Thanks to all the committee for their hard work, especially Sheila, Jacqui, Rose, Jean, Lynne and Jennie. The Christmas tree cards raised over £170, but we must not forget Shirley and Jean Blackwell for their efficient Christmas card sorting on the day. My apologies to anyone who tried to escape the top carpark on the new code I gave you and failed. Almost entirely my fault except that the information I received was given to me in good faith but was wrong! I haven’t forgiven her yet!

Ladies NewsletterThe trip to the MAD (mechanical art and design) Museum was good fun and the meal in Hobsons Patisserie was awesome. We befriended our waitress who turned out to be the incoming Lady Captain at Broadway Golf Club and went by the name of Margaret McDivot!! You couldn’t make it up could you!  Well fingers crossed I’ve got an exchange day in the pipeline as a result. Those that joined me seemed to enjoy the weird and wonderful contraptions in the museum…it’s amazing how exciting it can be watching something fill with water and our past Lady captain was in her element building things out of bits of wood. I will endeavour to arrange a more conventional outing next which I hope appeals to more of you. I’ve looked at diving with sharks and bungee jumping but it looks a bit pricey.

The catering over the Christmas period at the club has been superb. Did you get a chance to try it?Whether you popped up for a snack or a full Christmas meal you would not have been disappointed. The clubhouse was very tastefully decorated and a big thanks must go to Janice, Clair and everyone who helped.

Look out for forthcoming social events…the Tapas Night on  Saturday January 21st sounds good to me.

The knockout competitions are going well thanks to mild weather and Jane’s gentle persuading. Entries to weekly competitions however have been low over the last couple of months and I’d really appreciate feedback on this so that Jane and I can get it right. People have been playing, but choosing not to enter the competitions. I suppose winter golf isn’t that appealing, but It’s certainly good to have a purpose when you’re out there on a dreary day and it’s either boggy underfoot or so icy the ball refuses to stay on the green.

Thanks to Ann Hawkswood who spotted a useful article on winter golf and sent it to me. I’ve  extracted bits for you to consider.

  • Set yourself a winter challenge to improve your chipping, putting or fairway shots.
  • Only use a half set of clubs to make you more creative in your shot making skills.
  • Try odd clubs one week and even clubs the next.
  • Leave your driver at home and improvise.
  • Keep up your flexibility and fitness by using a push trolley or carrying.
  • Consider a pilates or yoga class.
  • Visit the driving range…Go with a friend, it’s good fun and so worth it when you out drive the man standing in the next bay who’s swinging his Christmas present around as if he’s Rory McIlroy.
  • Finally, the winter is only four months long so in theory we are halfway through it now.

What’s to Come?

My away weekend is now organised and details are on the notice board. I hope as many of you as possible will be able to join me.

There will be a Ladies’ evening meal with a speaker on Tuesday 21st February; details to be finalised.

Twiddle Muff knitting. Dot has come up with an idea I love, knitting twiddle muffs for people with dementia. Dementia sufferers often have restless hands. Twiddle muffs provide a satisfying way to ease and occupy this trait. So google it, find your knitting needles, gather up scraps of wool and look out for details of our get together knitting sessions at the club.

If you haven’t yet got your free snazzy 2017 golf diary, it’s waiting to be collected from Mike Tarn’s shop.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and I look forward to seeing you on the course in 2017 armed with your new hats, clubs, bags, ball retrievers etc. Or in my case a new hip flask of Irish Mist, which my greensomes partner banned me from using during a match….no fun!

Chris X